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Brass Anchor Wires

GRM wire/cable Industries is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Bronze wire,Nickel Wire,Phosphor Wire Copper Alloy Wire in China. 

These are produced using high purity virgin material like copper cathode, SHG zinc ingots, etc.

GRM’s cable can increase workability and productivity by providing uniformity and adhesiveness of Solder Coating.

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Brass Anchor Wires

We at wire manufacturer, Supplier & Exporters high quality Brass Anchor Wires for the Tooth Brush industry. All wires are manufactured from virgin material leading to a pure product with high corrosion resistance in both Alkaline & Acidic Media. Dental Hygiene Industry today seeks high quality wire. Virgin material and world-class technology allow us to manufacture wire with close Tolerance and Rolled Edges and tested on line with sophisticated laser Micrometers, thus assuring uniform size throughout every meter of wire, and tight and precise anchoring, giving you the quality advantage. Supplied in 12% Nickel Silver and Brass CW 506L(65/35) in spools and coil form with proper backing for safe shipment and easy handling.


· Right from melting to finished wire produced in-house

· Produced strictly as per BS EN ISO 9001 -2001

· Produced Using Virgin Material

· Precision wire Flattening and spooling

· Controlled Edges

· On-line Laser micrometer

· 50 % exports to more than Countries

· Recipient of the Prestigious ‘Regional Export Excellence Award’ 8 years in a row from the Government of India

Additional Information:

· Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Kilogram


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