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Copper Round Wire

Youzha wire/cable Industries is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Bronze wire,Nickel Wire,Phosphor Wire Copper Alloy Wire in China. 

These are produced using high purity virgin material like copper cathode, SHG zinc ingots, etc.

Youzha’s cable can increase workability and productivity by providing uniformity and adhesiveness of Solder Coating.

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No.1 Copper (barley, Berry) 
No.2 Copper (birch, cliff) 
No.3 Copper

We deal 400MT / month in Japan or import/export to Philippines and China. 


We are also looking for honest and relaiable partners with long term business in order to expend our market share.


For any questions, Please give me emails with your quotations. 




Please take note that the 3 days processing of pass in the Bureau of Customs in not included in the delivery time.

Thank you for you understanding.

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