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Interconnect cutting machine

Interconnect cutting machine
Usage: The machine is used for cutting various materials, such as PV ribbon, tinned copper tape, nickel strip, shrink sleeve, wire, shrink tube, elastic, tube, rubber tube, fiberglass tube, etc.
Key Features:
1.Full Automatic: Set Cut-length and Cut-QTY, machine works automatically. Automatic feeding and cutting.
2.Easy operation: English panel, software and user manual ,user friendly
3.Fast speed: it can cut 100-120cuts/minute(Cut length: 50mm). Adjustable speed
4. High accuracy: Cut-length is accurate controlled by stepping motors
5.Blade type: Cold or Hot cut. Hot blade cut for nylon/polyester/braided webbing, avoid fraying
6. Automatic stop: It stops automatically if materials run out during operation.
7. Multiple usage: Suitable for cutting soft tubes, rubber/silicone tube, shrink tube, etc. Also it can cut ribbon cable, copper wire, shrink sleeve, nickel strip, Copper strap, etc.
8. Save Labor cost, high efficiency.

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