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PV ribbon calender tin coating machine all in one

PV ribbon calender tin coating machine all in one.
Solar PV ribbons/wire are used in the solar manufacturing processes. 
PV ribbon wire is a cable enabling efficient accumulation of electricity generated from a photovoltaic cell. It can be used by connecting dozens of solar cells forming a solar cell module in series or in parallel, which is divided into inter-connector and Busbar.

Let me know that your using PV Ribbon Specification.
We will propose best price for you.
 1. copper size : width & thickness
2. kind of alloy : SnPbAg or SnPb
3. alloy thickness : one side thickness
4. Monthly quantity

Solar PV ribbon machine specification

1. Application

This machine is suitable for different sizes of PV RIBBON ( width 0.6-2.0mm )


2.Production line composition

2.1 Pay-off part                                     1set

2.2 Rolling part                                      1set

2.3 Annealing part                                 1 set

2.4 Flux part                                          1 set

2.5 High speed tin coating part             1 set

2.6 Wire storage part                            1 set

2.7 Double spools winding machine    1 set

2.8 Ladder                                            1 set

2.9 Electrical control system                1 set

3.Machine specification

Solar PV ribbon machine

Using:Product solar energy PV ribbon tin coating

Production range:Can plate all kinds of lead or lead-free,tin,tin lead,tin lead

              solder and so on

Rolling power


Annealing current

300A/MAX  20V

Motor of take-up


Rows of servo motor


Tin stove power


Tin plating tank capacity

180kg    Heating by thermocouple

Water tanks capacity



(One is for cooling rollers,Another one is for annealing)



Rolling wheel diameter



Finished flat wire size





Tin coating Speed


Tin thickness

0.05mm (Each side tin thickness is 0.025mm)



Finished product yield strength


4.Machine description

Machine modelHXY-YTJ

Pay off+rolling +Annealing part       Model:HXY-106Z-YYJ

High speed tin coating machine        Model:HXY-GSTX

Double spool winding machine         Model:HXY-ZDHP

4.1 Pay off part

1)Pay off type:  Motorise pay-off

2)Pay off bobbin can customizable as per clients’ requirement

4.2Rolling part

1)Rolling type: Double rollers

2)Rollers material: Tungsten steel.

3)Rollers diameter: φ106

4)The rolling part have function of automatic moving the wire,it can make full use of roll surface and increase the working life of rollers.

5)Precision rolling machine have two-ways laser measurement guage after rolling stand. It can measure copper wire width and widthness online.

6)Machine frame: welded from steel plates after tempring, made by high precision machine tools.

4.3 Annealing machine

Annealing main part consisted of two copper wheels.

1) Annealing type: short circuit annealing.

2) Annealing need inert gases protection to avoid the wire oxidation. Inert gas can choose nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

3) Annealing part adopt water cooling to cooling the wire and avoid oxidation.

Air knife can remove the busbar surface water.  

4.4 Tin coating machine

1) The machine accept air knives to control tin thickness.

2) Tin tank and Flux part have protection cover to protect operator scald and prevent abandoned smoke to affect enviroment.

Protection cover material is stainless steel,so that can not be corroded by Flux.

3) Flux can be used recycled.Just need operator add it regularly.

4) Tin coating part have wire storage frame,so operator can have enough time to change a new spools.

4.5 Take-up machine

Take-up machine accept double spools take-up system, the machine can non-stop production.

Let me know thatyour using PV Ribbon Specification

We will propose best price for you.

1. copper size : width & thickness

2. kind of alloy : SnPbAg or SnPb

3. alloy thickness : one side thickness

4. Monthly quantity


Hope there is an opportunity to work together and make mutual benefits.

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PV-ribbon tin-plate machine

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