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brass round wire

GRM wire/cable Industries is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Bronze wire,Nickel Wire,Phosphor Wire Copper Alloy Wire in China.

These are produced using high purity virgin material like copper cathode, SHG zinc ingots, etc.

GRM’s cable can increase workability and productivity by providing uniformity and adhesiveness of Solder Coating.



round brass wire          


af45000c65f75c371.Copper conductor diameter:  0.20mm~8.0mm

If required size out of above scpoe, please contact with us.

   2.Product introduction

  enameled  round copper woreis a type of winding wire made by oxygen-free copper rod or electric 

    round aluminum rod which drawn or extruded by dies with special size, then wrapped with special insulation materials.

3.Mainly be used in windings of oil-immersed transformer, reactor, and other electric devices.

4.Product types

(1).Enamelled  rectangular copper(aluminum)conductor.

(2). Enamelled round copper (aluminum) conductor.


Thermal:B 130   F 155

Standard: Q/320292AAAB01-2009



Fan, air-conditioner, electric tool, washing-machine, micro-motor, explosion-proof motor, ballast, dry-type transformer and other windings in electrical tool.

Features:Natural color

Excellent resistance to abrasion and solvent, excellent electricity performance

Polyester-imide Enameled Aluminum Wire (PEW/EIW )


Diameter:Round Aluminum Wire : 0.2mm-8.0mm

Thermal: H 180 ºC 



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