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precision rolling mill for strip wire

precision rolling mill for strip wire

Precision rolling machine 
The machine is suitable for rolling all kinds of flat or shaped wire, copper, 
Aluminum, stainless steel, carton steel, high speed steel, alloy wire. 

This is a forming process in which material is passed between two or more rotating tools (rollers). During longitudinal rolling, the rolling stock is moved at an angle perpendicular to the rolling axes, without rotating around its own longitudinal axis, and travels down the gap between the rollers.  

Inlet range:0.3-8mm

Finished product size
Maximum width:15mm
Maximum thickness:3mm
Active pay-off power:11kw
Number 1 tandem rolling mill power:30kw
Number 2 tandem rolling mill power:22kw
Number 3 precision rolling mill power:22kw
Dragger power:11kw
Rewinding machine power:5.5kw

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